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January 27, 2014, 10:04 AM

I Don't Know What to Say (in Prayer)!

Have you ever heard someone make the remark, "I don't what to say" in regards to prayer? I have! Generally it is spoken by a young person who has been asked to pray. However, adults are not immune to making this statement either. I have found that many times the opposite is true in my own life: I don't know what to leave out in prayer! 

Years ago I was taught to pray using the old acronym: ACTS.

ACTS stands for:

Adoration (praise to the Lord)

Confession (admitting and turning from our sins)

Thanksgiving (we have a lot to be thankful for)

Supplication (pray for self and others)/

After learning this simple guide for prayer, I then heard a sermon by Dr. Ed Young of Second Baptist Houston. He shared how his fingers are like a prayer list for him. I must confess that I cannot all of these years later remember what he said each of his fingers stood for in his usage of this technique. I did however tailor it for what works for me and each begins with an 'L.' 

My five finger prayer list is (beginning with the thumb):



Lost people

Loved ones (ring finger with marriage band on it),

Little ole me (pinky).

When I combine these two techniques, the ACTS guide and the five finger prayer list, I find that I have plenty to pray about. Try it. Tailor it for you. The Lord God Almighty longs for his children to draw near to Him in prayer and longs to respond with good things.


Parson Jay

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