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January 30, 2014, 11:04 AM

I found an old friend, the Model Prayer

As a pastor, I have been a part of nursing home ministries for a number of years now. I can say that I truly enjoy it. It's essentially another congregation. We have a good time in the Lord together. In my ministry in Baytown, a few from our congregation go with me to a certain nursing home. One of the church members who labor with us is a lady who is at least the same age as the ones that we minister to in this nursing home if not older than many of them. She plays the piano for us. She is often called upon to close our service in prayer. At times she has all of us to pray together by repeating the Lord's Prayer (the Model Prayer). I have been influenced by this lady's heart for this prayer and found myself going back to it on a more regular basis. When I use it in my devotional times, I first repeat the whole prayer word for word. I recommend doing so very slowly, very deliberately and from the heart. I then go back and repeat the first phrase or so and stop and put it into my own words and then I pray according to that section. I keep on in such a way until I have made my way through the whole prayer.  I am glad for this dear lady who helped me to find my way back to the Model Prayer. Using it has been a help to me in communing with the Lord. Let me encourage you to rediscover the Lord's Prayer, like finding an old friend, and I pray that your communion with the Lord will be enriched.


Parson Jay

P.S. It is found in Matthew 6:9-13

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