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August 27, 2014, 11:43 AM

A Sunday School Refresher

Every now and then we all need some sort of a refresher course which calls us back to doing certain things so that we can be more effective. This past Sunday night I attempted to give us a refresher in Sunday School. Here is the list I gave in case you missed it:

1.Spend Time with the Lord each day

If you are going to impact others for Christ, you must first spend time with Christ.

2. Pray for your class specifically

The 'class roll' should be a prayer list for each one in the class.

3. Prepare Well

The best Bible study teachers are the ones who are diligent in preparing to teach. Aim to prepare early in the week. Then you can ponder it as the week continues.

4. Teach to Impact Lives

a.Teach from the Bible

Use the Bible in your classes. Encouage them to bring their Bibles. It should never have to said: "why should I bring my Bible to Sunday School, we never use it!!"

b. Teach for Transformation

Growing in Biblical knowledge is great and should be happening, but life change should also be happening. And that happens as we hear the truth from the Word of God, apply it and obey it.

5. Go the Second Mile

a. Be faithful in attendance and Be EARLY for your class

Being early to greet your class says to them: "You are important and what we do in this hour is important!"

b. Get your rooms ready

The new church year is a good time to throw away those old papers, do some dustin and arranging and spruce up the place!

c. Use technology.

Maybe you can send out an email or text of the main Scripture verses during the week or a thought provoking question that you'll bring up in class that coming Sunday.

You'll need to figure out what else you can do to go the second mile for your class. You can do it!

6. Get the Class Involved

Aim to get everybody in the class in involved, whether it be through bringing a snack, being a prayer leader for the class, a care leader in making contacts, a fellowship organzier, taking the roll, etc. Make sure each person has each other's information, including emails. Emphasize the need for each person to be praying for each other, checking on each other, and inviting others to join in the class.

7. Depend on the Lord

God is able to do immeasureably more than we ask or imagine. Let's pray and work dependly on the Lord and see tremendous progress and growth in our Sunday School in this new church year!

Blessings to you,

Pastor J

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