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December 7, 2016, 2:37 PM

December Plans 2016

 Dear church family and friends,

Every year our deacons with your support blesses a number of families through Christmas baskets. The last few years we've encouraged you to bring these to one of the first two Sunday's in December wrapped in white as a way of dedicating them to the Lord. The Bible has a lot to say about helping the poor and needy. This coming Sunday is our last Sunday before the deacons will deliver these gifts (so far we've received very little, but I assume that'll change this Sunday). We give so many gifts at Christmas time and this one is so important. Please join in and support the needy families by bringing White Christmas gifts this coming Sunday!

Of course, you know my heart to do our part in supporting our missionaries as they share the gospel all over the world. We've raised our goal to $4850 because that is the amount it takes to support one of our IMB missionaries for one month! Please sacrificially give to the Lottie Moon Christmas offering and support them in prayer also. This week is the week of prayer! Resources can be found at Lottie Moon Week of Prayer - International Mission Board

Additionally, this Sunday at 10:45am our worship choir will lead out in the cantata "Bringing Christmas Home." Here's a great opportunity to invite friends, neighbors, relatives and inactive church members and I hope you'll do so and if you're on Facebook, please share the promotional info found on the WBC page.

Lastly, our December 14th, we will have our Wooster Family Christmas event called: A Night in Bethlehem. This is for the whole family and will involve costumes and will be a real blessed event that you'll want to join in on (6-8pm). Please pray for our workers and for the Lord's hand to be upon this event.

Thank you for prayerfully considering these matters. Let's have a great week and shine the Light of Christ!

For His Glory,
Bro. Jason


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