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April 24, 2017, 10:57 AM

Journeying with Peter

The Disciple that we arguably know the most about is Peter. Peter was initially introduced to Jesus by his brother Andrew. But, Peter at that point wasn’t known as Peter, but was known as Simon. Jesus in that initial introduction gave him the nickname of Peter or Cephas, which is that of a rock. Jesus obviously knew the potential of him and spoke words that would affirm that potential of what Peter could become.


But, the journey to living up to that name and of becoming the person that the Lord wanted him to be was filled with ups and downs. It was a journey. It didn’t happen overnight. It’s the same with us. Growth doesn’t happen overnight. It’s takes time. It takes going through some good experiences and difficult experiences. There are moments when we get it right and moments when we get it wrong, just like Peter.


We pick up Peter's journey at the point in which he denies Jesus three times. And as we think about Peter’s journey, let us listen and learn and ponder our own journey with the Lord.


1)Peter wept Luke 22:60-62

His heart was broken over failure! Is your heart grieved when you sin against the Lord? Do you love Jesus that much?


2)Peter ran John 20:3-9

He ran to the tomb with confusion and with some hope. Optimism began to fill his heart again. God is the God of hope and God wants us to run with hope!


3)Peter saw Jesus (many times) 1 Cor. 15:3-6; Luke 24:33-34

Nobody is recorded as seeing the resurrected Jesus more times than Peter! Isn't that remarkable?! The disciple who denied Jesus was given the opportunity to see Jesus resurrected more than the rest! Our Lord is good and gracious! Peter surely got right with the Lord and was forgiven in that first encounter with Jesus on Easter Sunday! We can be cleansed and renewed as well!


4)Peter was restored and reaffirmed John 21:14-19

Jesus predicted that one day in the future Peter would indeed die for Jesus. Peter learned and grew. You and I fail at times, but we must get back up, be humble and teachable, and keep learning and growing.


5)Peter was filled Acts 1:13, 14, 2:4

Peter was one of the ones who were filled with the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost! Jesus wants each of His followers to be filled and to keep being filled with the Spirit.


Wherever you are on your journey with Jesus, love Him wholeheartedly, trust in His heart, get cleansed and renewed, keep learning and growing, and go forth in the power of the Holy Spirit. He knows your potenital and has plans for you. The journey sometimes is rough, but how wonderful to know Jesus, to walk with Jesus and to bear His name and to be about His kingdom work!  Keep folllowing Jesus!



Bro. Jason


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