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September 9, 2014, 9:23 AM

Monday was a Ministry Day

Yesterday was a really good ministry day, and it was on a Monday. Sometimes Monday gets a bad rap. But, yesterday Monday was terrific because I had many opportunities to be a blessing to others.

It began with an opportunity to witness to a young married man who came to our church for help with some food. I proceeded to the hospital a little while later to minister to a church member who recently broke his leg/hip area. He's been through a lot and endures a lot of pain on a daily basis. He was jolly and ready to face this new challenge. As I was turning in our church's ACP (annual church profile) to the associational office, I heard of the new plans for this year's Valley Mission Trip. We will be helping with a new church plant!

Then it was time to lead our service in a local nursing home. We were met with a new couple! We don't have many of those in the nursing home ministry. They just moved back to Baytown. They must both be around 85 years old or so and such a delightful couple! We did receive news that one of our regulars in our service there changed his address to heaven this past weekend. We rejoice in the hope of the Lord. He will be missed.

A wonderful personal time of prayer was acheived late in the afternoon. "Just a little talk with Jesus" sure does a help a person! Then my family showed up for us to do some outreach visitation together! We visited an inactive member and her family. We had an initial ministry visit with a older man who is not doing well physically and certainly has spiritual needs. We had a very productive visit with a good prospect. And we finished the night by aiding a family in our church to supply some much needed encouragement and advice.

A good day of ministering to some people may be exactly what you need to find yourself encouraged, renewed and ready to move forward.


Parson Jay

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