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October 28, 2017, 5:10 PM

People Reaching People

One of the annual events at our church is called Trunk or Treat. It is a way for us to love on our community, meet new friends, share some information about the Lord and about our church, and reaquaint ourselves with some old friends. It's always a very good event. It happens on the night of Halloween. 

The kids and their families will register, and by registering, they will have a ticket for a hot dog type of meal. We will also have popcorn, bounce houses, games, and of course trunks with candy. Plenty of details are involved in pulling this event off. But, it boils down to people reaching people. 

This event requires people committed to working at it (which has not been a problem). It also requires people committed to coming to it. 

Pray for this event. But, pray for the people. Pray for the workers and for the families who will attend. Pray that we will be filled up with the love of God and ready to meet, greet, connect and share with the people. 

People reaching people. My understanding is that concept, people reaching people, is at the heart of God's plan for evangelism. The events change. The activities change. The programs change. But, the principle of people reaching people will remain in tact. 

May God bless you and use you to be on-mission with Jesus. 

Bro. Jason



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