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May 24, 2016, 12:00 AM

Praising God for Food!

Good is so good to us. We need and must praise Him!

We have ventured out this year to expand our food pantry ministry. Before doing so, we talked about it for a while. And for a time, we put it on the back burner. Then, we had a few meetings about it and we certainly had thoughts and questions and a few more questions. A few went and observed a sister church's food pantry ministry and gained valuable information from them as well. We answered some of our questions and decided it was time to move forward. We went forward knowing that we'd learn 'on the job' and that we'd make adjustments along the way. We are only a few months into this expanded food ministry, but already we have doubled the amount of people we were helping previously. Each person who comes for food is interviewed in which the gospel is shared and prayer is offered for whatever they are facing in life.

One of the questions we previously had dealt with where the food or monies for food would come from?! We believed that God would provide since He was leading us to expand this ministry. God has been providing!!!

One fellow from the community that we hadn't met previously brings in some vegetables and some eggs. We've recieved food from community sources and recently recieved box after box of food.

And less than two weeks ago, our office received a call asking if we'd like some Jennie O food? We don't normally have perishable food. The truck driver explained that the boxes had been crushed and they had to get rid of them. We agreed that they could bring them to us!

All of this to say: praise the Lord for His provisions so that we can minister to people in His name. Praise Him with us. Help us by letting people in Baytown know that are here to help them. Be encouraged that if you'll follow His leading and venture out in faith, He'll provide and use you.


Bro. Jason 

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