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July 7, 2014, 11:00 AM

Reflections on SBC Annual Meeting 2014

Now that some time has passed, I would like to reflect on my experience at the SBC 2014 annual meeting. It was held in Baltimore, MD, and my wife Angie was with me. Any trip which allows me to get away with my wife is going to be a good trip! We went to an O's baseball game, visited Baltimore's inner harbor, visited Fort McHenry, toured Washington DC and went back to see Arlington National Cemetary, the Iowa Jima memorial and Mt. Vernon. It felt like we experienced every means of transportation as well. It was a wonderful, marriage enriching trip. The SBC meeting and pastor's conference was equally as fabulous.
None of the business was earth-shattering to me (that doesn't mean the business conducted was unimportant). The president's race was very close. Ronnie Floyd was narrowly elected. He is a deep man of prayer and seems to be the right man at the right time.
What stood out to me most were the times of prayer. Both during the SBC annual meeting and the pastor's conference, there were moments of prayer in which we literally got on our knees for prayer. I don't recall this ever happening in one of my church's business meetings?! One of these moving moments of prayer took place following or during Russell Moore's ERLC report. He spoke in regards to the Greens of Hobby Lobby and to Saeed Abedini (read on it here: ). A few thousand SBCer's prayed together.
Perhaps the most interesting moment was Paige Patterson's report on SWBTS because he had to address why he admitted a Muslim to the seminary as a student. He first apologized. I think he was apologizing for this issue being an interruption to such a fabulous, prayerful meeting. His apology seemed extremely sincere to me. He went on to give some reasons on why he allowed this fellow as a student (he needs to find salvation in Christ) and some history of him having allowed such a thing in other institutions. He then explained in his own way that he will have to stand before the Lord one day and give an account of his actions in regards to this Muslim student. He did what he could in leading him to Christ. What I took away from it was the example of Paige Patterson's leadership.  He took full responsibility. He sincerely apologized. But, his greater obligation is to the Lord Jesus Christ. He broke some rules with the motive of leading a man to Christ. (Dr. Akin followed up Paige Patterson's report by saying that he doesn't have to apologize to him...a real cool moment).
It was a tremendously, fabulous meeting which was beyond words for me. In my next blog, I'll relate some thoughts on a few of the sermons which I heard.
Parson Jay

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