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July 20, 2015, 9:43 AM

Reflections on Sunday July 19th

*It was so wonderful to have Carol Colvin back with us in the worship service! We had a number of guests with us, which was great and the whole service was glorious.

*The sermon was on: "Growing Pains" from 1 Thessalonians 3.  Adversity is: inevitable, a test, a training ground, an opportunity to bless others, and can thrust you towards future growth....when faced with faith in the Lord.  

*I had an opportunity to lead the kids in some Bible drilling at the beginning of the Sunday School hour. One verse I had them look up was John 1:12. I then asked - 'what does it take then to be adopted into God's family?' A little girl said: 'you have to read your Bible and go to church.'  I pointed her to the verse of Scripture and that it explains two things- you must believe upon Jesus and receive Jesus. It was a wonderful, unexpected  opportunity to share Christ.

*Business meetings are not the most popular activity in the life of a church, but they are important and, and we had a good one Sunday night.

Just a few highlights:

*We elected our coordinators which are: Christine S for Adult 1,  Aloha G for Adult 2-4, Jennifer W for Youth, Cindy B for Children and Roxanne M for Pre-school.

*Our maintenance committee has been hard at work. In the last quarter, we've seen a new roof go on the sanctuary, the bees removed from the sanctuary attic and lots of other smaller projects accomplished. What we need is the use of a small lift or some other way to reach up to the top of the inside of the sanctuary to take care of a few issues. The playground equipment is in need of being replaced.

*VBS penny offering brought in $539.02 for the Valley Mission Trip.

Much is happening and much help is needed. Let's press on in laboring for our Master!

Parson Jay


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