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May 9, 2017, 9:28 AM

Talking Thomas

Let's journey with Jesus' apostle named Thomas! Thomas is most known as Doubting Thomas, but I'm labeling him as Talking Thomas.  When we find Thomas in the New Testament, he is almost always talking!

1)Thomas was loyal   John 11:16

Jesus received the news that Lazarus was sick and after Lazarus died, Jesus decided He would go back to Judea, where He would raise Lazarus from the dead. Jesus had faced great opposition previously in Judea and Jerusalem and the religious leaders had made plots to kill Him. When Jesus told the disciples, he was going back into that more dangerous region, Thomas made a loyal declaration, saying, "Let's go with Him, that we may die with Him." Are you loyal to Jesus? Do your words reveal a loyalty to Jesus?

2)Thomas had a question  John 14:5

Jesus told the disciples that He was going away and that they knew the way. Thomas spoke up again, declaring, "Lord, we don't know where you are going! How can we know the way?" It was a question that all of them wanted to ask! It was an honest question, in which he sincerely wanted to have understanding from Jesus! Sometimes we feel like Thomas when we are confused and bewildered. We need to do as Thomas did and take such confusion and questions to Jesus in prayer. Are you praying? When confused, are you speaking to God about it and asking for understanding and wisdom?

3)Thomas Stubbornly Speaks John 20:24-25

Thomas was missing on that first Easter Sunday night when Jesus as the resurrected Lord showed up! Thomas spoke out of independence and stubborness, declaring I will not believe unless I see Him myself and put my fingers in His scars! This was the low point of Thomas' journey! Are being stubborn like Thomas? Have you said some things that you shouldn't have said? Jesus didn't give up on Thomas, and He won't give up on you either! Keep seeking the Lord even when you fail!

4)Thomas made a grand confession John 20:28

Peter, Martha, tand he Centurian all made confessions about Jesus! Thomas joined them in making his own confession. It was short and powerful: "My Lord and My God!" I hope it's your confession as well!

Thomas would see Jesus as the Living Lord along with the other disciples a number of times over those 40 days. He was there when Jesus ascended and was there in the upper room praying with the 120 and Thomas was there at Pentecost and was filled with the Spriit along with the others.

Thomas went forth and kept talking about Jesus. May Thomas inspire you to speak up for Jesus! Let us be faithful to testify of Jesus, the Living Savior!


Bro. Jason

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