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August 31, 2015, 12:00 AM



September 1st is the official start of a new church year. Here are ten tips for teachers and Sunday School classes.

1)Pray regularly for those in your class and yourself.

2)Prepare for next Sunday's lesson early in the week.

Not only does make it easier on yourself in terms of the stress level, but you'll also have all week to be pondering over the lesson.

3)Teach from the Bible.

Use the Bible. Encourage the class to use their Bibles.

4)Get the Room ready.

The new church year is a good time to do some freshening and tidying up. Get rid of the old materials and the clutter. Put a few extra Bibles on the table for those who don't bring one.

5)Arrive early

You should be there a number of minutes early so you can greet your class as they come in. This demonstrates to them that they are important and that the class is important.

6)Delegate responsibilities to the class (this in particular is for adult classes)

Appoint a back-up teacher or two. Appoint a record's keeper. Appoint a prayer leader. Delegate the outreach function to all of the class. Take a few moments and use the records to assign people to call/contact those on roll who haven't been coming, etc.

7)Use a Shoe-box for ministry

Fill up a shoe-box with needed cards and post-cards for ministry purposes. Have some blank notecards also for those who need to write down a name and information for contacting absentees during the week. Remember you don't have to do this yourself as much as you need to lead the class to do so. Again appoint a care-group/outreach leader to take on this responsibility.

8)Promote Your Class

Why not have your class on the slide-show announcements every now and then? Why not  give a testimony of what your class means to you in the worship service? Use email. Use the church's facebook account.  Maybe you'll want to give your class a name other than: Adult 1, 2, 3, youth class, Children's class, etc.

9)Plan a few Socials

Maybe one of the class members would like to have the class in their homes one evening. Go out to eat as a class once or twice a year. 

10)Support a  Ministry

Think creatively. Take a month and encourage your class to bring items for the food pantry that month. Take a month and write out cards to the homebound, perhaps during the holiday season.

Lastly, pray some more and depend on God. I appreciate your service. You're more than a teacher. You're a leader. You're a ministry supporter. You're of great importance to the work of the churh. Let's aim high and see lives transformed this new church year.

Bro. Jason

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